Sunday | August 14, 2016

sa·cred: to be regarded with great respect and reverence

this is sacred
Sacred Nest was born out of a passion for empowering women and celebrating their transition into motherhood while protecting the raw and vulnerable experience of postpartum. Many people have asked me where I came up with the name Sacred Nest. What does it mean? What do we stand for? For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been incredibly passionate about women, birth, babies and family wellness. Personally, I have had two very different birth and postpartum experiences and I started to discover that the more informed and prepared a woman is for the life changing transformation of motherhood, the more likely she is to adjust smoothly to her new role as a mother. I realized that so many women, like myself, were unprepared for what-to-expect upon the arrival of their new baby. When a woman is pregnant she will read countless books, watch birthing videos, attend prenatal classes, hire a doula, build a birthing plan… all so she can prepare herself for the birth of her baby. But birth is only the beginning. What comes next is often a roller coaster of emotions; euphoria, love, anxiety, excitement, happiness, sadness, loneliness, helplessness, fear, hope. Some moms bond instantly with their babies and others take a little more time. Mom’s need to be given time with their baby, skin to skin, connecting and resting. Most partners or family will typically help in the first two weeks of the birth and baby arriving home. Ironically, the first two weeks is when most new babies sleep a ton and are recovering from their birth experience. Around the two week mark, babies will “wake up” so to speak and start to require more attention and care from mom. As a new mom, you may feel like you need to tend to housework, prep meals, and get back to “normal” life after having two weeks of help. But you are not ready and it’s important to realize this early and set realistic expectations. What new mothers need is someone to take care of them and their own needs; prepare meals, massage her, take care of daily chores, tend to older children, allow her to rest with baby, run a bath for her. No one should be taking over the mother’s job of caring for her baby, but rather postpartum help should focus on everything else so this is the only job the mother’s needs to do. We need to be mothered, yet we also need to feel empowered and confident in our role as mothers.

“The mother’s sense of well-being has an intrinsic influence on her ability and desire to bond with her child. It is essential to create a secure, peaceful, supportive, and nurturing environment for the mother immediately after birth, so she has the freedom and opportunity to begin her relationship with her baby right from the start.” – Aviva Romm

The time after birth is sacred. This period should be honoured and appreciated. “It is unique and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity which allows us to slow down from the fast pace of everyday life and take in the magic of what we have been part of creating” (Aviva Romm, Natural Health after Birth). In nature, a mother bird will create her nest prior to laying her eggs. She will build it with care, ensuring her nestlings have shelter, warmth and a safe place to develop and grow. We should take note of the mother bird and follow our own instinctual needs during this raw and vulnerable phase of our lives. It is the time to create a field of protection around your new family and have very few interruptions. Hold off the visitors for a couple weeks, allowing only the most intimate and trusted people into your nest, post-delivery. Ensure that the people who will be supporting you do so without judgment, agendas and motives. Ask for help from these specifically selected people to assist with light household tasks, older children, and meal prep. Hire temporary help with house cleaning for the first few months postpartum.

Building a Sacred Nest ensures that the needs of the mother and baby remain central. Our name comes from a place of celebration for motherhood, bringing back the village and empowering women to trust and connect with their own instincts. This is YOUR NEST, your refuge, safe and warm.


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