Welcome Home!

Get all the best newborn care techniques and safe sleep information with this 4-hour consultation package. This package is geared towards educating new families as they transition home with their new baby. Topics include safe sleep practices, bathing baby, infant massage, feeding techniques, growth and developmental changes and family wellness.






Latch on Baby!

This breastfeeding support package is great for assisting new moms to get the best latch. It includes a 3-hour consultation to assess latch techniques and provide information and guidance. The package also includes two one-hour follow up appointments via phone, email or Skype.






Doula for a Day!

Feeling overwhelmed or exhausted? Let us take care of you and help you get the rest you need. Our postpartum doula services include caring for you, baby, older siblings, light household tasks, light meal prep.






Sacred Postpartum Sealing Ceremony

After a woman birth’s she open and raw; she is in need of a cleanse and a choice of ways to mark her transition from maiden to mother. All over the world, women are cleansed and bathed after major rites of passages including getting married and having a child. This sealing package includes a sacred ceremonial tuck in, heated oil rub down, sealing of the body, belly firming paste and a sacred belly bind.







This is an all-inclusive package, which includes 4 weeks of postpartum support with 4-hour shifts twice per week. Additional hours can be added. Postpartum services include but are not limited to hands-on education regarding infant and mother care (self-care recovery and postpartum comfort measures), feeding, sibling care, breastfeeding support and tips, emotional support, light healthy meals, light housekeeping tasks.





Beat Those Blues

If you are struggling with perinatal mood disorders, we offer in-home nurturing mom-to-mom support that is self-guided. We work in complimentary with your primary health care provider. Our sessions include but are not limited to: compassionate and confidential support, coping skills and techniques, self help workbook to assist in realistic thought processes, meditation with foot massage to help assist with re-rooting the body and reset the nervous system. This package specifically includes 4 weeks of support with 2-hour sessions, 3 days a week. This package can also be customized to each individual needs and additional hours can be added.





Belly Binding

This is the perfect package to add to your postpartum recovery plan! Belly binding has been noted as a traditional postpartum practice all over the world. We use a Bengkung style of binding which wraps you from your pelvic floor up to your ribs providing full support for your entire abdomen and back. It aids in guiding vital organs back to their pre-pregnancy state and heals abdominal wall expansion. Wrapping is thought to prevent excessive postpartum bleeding while keeping the uterus in a contracted position. We include a hand-crafted warming herbal blend applied as a paste to your abdomen under the bind which assists in toning and firming your skin. Two additional wrap sessions are included for extra comfort during your recovery. You deserve some self-care after baby!




Sacred Nest offers customized services at the rate of $75/hour. If you do not see a package above that suites your needs, we can customize a support plan at your request.

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