Wednesday | June 10, 2015

There are so many emotions I am feeling today as I prepare for my Stillbirthday Univeristy training. I first heard about this program online as I was researching workshops and courses to expand my services to my clients at Sacred Nest. It just seemed right. As a postpartum doula who works with many moms suffering from perinatal mood disorders, this seemed to fit with the divine work we do. Prior to giving birth to my adorable son, I suffered a miscarriage [more]


Monday | June 1, 2015

When I first heard the word ‘doula‘ I had no idea what it meant or what someone with this title did. Curiosity led me to learn that this individual was responsible for supporting women in pregnancy and childbirth. A doula is that person for everyone; continuous labour support for moms and their partners. Until recently, I had not heard of a postpartum doula. It never occurred to me that these individuals were one of the most important resources someone can have by their side in pregnancy, childbirth and in [more]