Tuesday | January 24, 2017

Baby Shower Gift Ideas for the Modern Mom

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When I work with expecting couples, I am often asked what gift ideas I would recommend for their baby shower. There are so many cool new gadgets for babies out there, from swings to carseats and toys and sifting through them can be overwhelming for most parents. What will you really need after baby? In our western culture, we tend to place so much of our focus on the baby. After all, babies are just so cute and adorable! We must not forget about the mother. Birth is transformative and new moms need extra special attention to their needs so that they can focus on the needs of their newborns. Women have a hard time asking for help but it is very natural and healthy to need it during their transition into motherhood. Honour the new mom in your life by getting her something special to assist her in her journey. These no-fail gift ideas are guaranteed to please.

Meal Delivery Service
A meal delivery service is a wonderful gift to ensure mom is eating well and getting the energy she needs for healing after birth. Foods like soups, stews, proteins, grains and starchy vegetables are traditional warming foods which nourish the blood and helps with replenishment of body tissue. Some great local delivery service options include Mama Luv, Spud, and Made Foods. If a delivery service is out of your budget, then offering to cook some meals for the new mom in your life is a wonderful alternative with a personal touch. Be sure to check for dietary needs first.

Housecleaning Service
A new mother’s postpartum mental wellness is related to both the emotional support and practical help she receives. Keeping a clean and tidy home is important to a lot of moms. You hear so many people give the advice of “the housework can wait” and “rest, rest, rest” but even after setting realistic expectations for housework after baby, new mothers are often stressed out thinking about their chores and upkeep of the home especially if they expect visitors during their time home with baby. After all, the housework can wait but who will eventually have to tend to it? A mom who is stressed and worried cannot fully care for herself or her new baby. Purchasing a “one-time deal” or ongoing cleaning service is truly one of the MOST appreciated gifts post-birth.

A journal is a beautiful way for a new mother to express herself privately and document the moments of her days. Many feelings and emotions come up during those first few weeks and months after having a baby. Releasing these emotions and transferring them to paper is empowering, validating and renewing. There are many beautiful books to choose from which can be personalized to her own unique tastes and at an affordable price too!

Bath Salts
Self care is something we all struggle with as mothers and yet it is essential to our survival. Bathing is an important self care practice that is given much attention in the postpartum care of many cultures. Taking a nice warm bath can help to wash the day’s stress away. Epsom salts with some lavender essential oil can add that extra touch to help heal, relax and calm her mind and body.

There’s something about a beautiful set of nightwear that makes you feel radiant and beautiful. New moms often feel exhausted and overwhelmed as they navigate through those sleepless nights. A beautiful nursing gown or set of comfortable pyjamas makes the perfect gift to encourage mom to rest in bed and still feel lovely when visitors arrive to see the new baby.

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